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Utah Mommy Blogger encourages Young Adults to maintain the highest standards of morals in their relationship with the release of her fictional novel Once Upon a Cartier

Who is ready for Tuesday?! I know the Utah Media Is!!!

Salt Lake City, Utah October 4, 2012 -- Author Debbie Roberts-Cluff has been writing a successful G-rated mommy blog, Confessions of a 30ish Overworked and Underpaid Housewife, since 2007.  With her followers and her daily visits sorrowing to new heights mainly because of her high-moral standard style of writing and hilarious child-like humor, she decided to take her real life out of the equation and write a wholesome, yet fabulous  love story that would be enjoyed by all ages, Once Upon a Cartier.

Once Upon a Cartier, Roberts-Cluff premier novel,  questions if only a fool confuses fate for destiny. Which is exactly what Laila Simons must answer when she meets Julius Heldge and learns that destiny is a choice we make despite of fate. Will Laila abandon the life predetermined by the stars in order to capture her eternity in a Cartier ring?

Drawing from her addiction to everything in print and her love for Romeo and Juliet, Roberts-Cluff began to write an epic love story about two star-crossed lovers, but then took her writing a step further and incorporated her daughters love for fantasy books into the mix. She also wanted to install a sense of decency and morality for her characters. Roberts-Cluff explains, “I wanted a love story my young daughters would be proud of. A strong role model who didn’t need to throw herself at a man to gain respect and success.”

Once Upon a Cartier is a story of love and deceit, secrets and betrayals, that takes us from the mythical ruins of the Greek Gods to the backyard of the historical city known as Pasadena. This is the love story of our decade, a bold inquiry into destiny and Laila’s decision to pursue a path towards everlasting love and unspeakable loss. The story is of a true battle of defining one’s own fate , one that reminds us what it means to feel human.

And the verdict is in, the readers are loving it. With Once Upon a Cartier to be released on Tuesday, October 9th, only on Amazon, the pre-sale reviews are out. Diana Smith, of New Orleans, Louisiana, shared, “I read through this book with a sense of astonishment, as each chapter left an place in my mind—and heart—that would not easily be forgotten. I think Once Upon a Cartier deserves recognition for being the most touching love story of our time.”  Heidi Hagen, of Gilbert, Arizona, expressed, “A novel of truth, faith, goodness, and love... Debbie Roberts-Cluff writing is rare and refreshingly original, a true art form. One of the most heartfelt novels.

Debbie Cluff is an author, educator and avid blogger at: Confessions of a 30-ish Overworked and Underpaid Housewife. She enjoys most of the time she spends as a mother and is a very loving, devoted wife (don’t tell her husband, though). She has authored over a dozen articles for online publications and a few novels for her sisters. Debbie resides in Salt Lake City, Utah, with her husband and three children.  You can follow her on Twitter at @debbiecluff, or listen to her Author’s Chat LIVE Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2 PM EST at

For more about the Debbie Roberts-Cluff, see or  Once Upon a Time  is available online at or beginning October 9th. 


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