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5 Lies that Nerium Doesn't Tell you about The Brand Partners

Yes, it is true. I have fallen in love with something else besides my kids, my husband, taco bell, and Disneyland. It is called Nerium and is the most amazing wrinkle magician in a box which I have ever had the pleasure of coming into contact with in my 30's. I tried it for 5 days and I knew with every fiber of my being that I needed this cream as much as it needed me. When I went into the bathroom each evening to dampen my face and apply 4-5 pumps I was like that of a weary housewife seeing a Diet Coke first thing in the morning. I haven't felt this way about something since being able to stay up to midnight for the pre-taped ball drop in Time Square with Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve (B.S. – Before Seacrest).

So when I found this Nerium, I face-booked and Instagrammed. I then got my Twitter account up and running because I had to shout from the roof top that THIS simple antidote  for those lines brought on by my children conundrums and the bags brought on by wandering aimlessly in the land known as "No Sleep" could vanish over night. I was like a weary housewife seeing a Diet Coke first thing in the morning. Finally, a motivational drive behind how I could become a better mother and I could get that thing known as "diaper" spelled backwards (repaid.... coincidence, I think not) from the years of earning each wrinkle. I do blame these grey hairs and wrinkles on my three children, but I am fine with that because it is like a tiger who has earned their stripes. 

This cream was a glimpse into my future; one that contained a Pink Lexus and looking like Christy Brinkley touched-up magazine cover at sixty. So I passed out my samples and talked to my friends. Here is where the Lies come in, lies that most Brand Partners of Nerium don't tell you. The truth behind the excuse. Five reasons why women will not buy the sweet nectar of the Gods and how this fallacy is being debunked faster than telling your child if they cross their eyes they will get stuck.

#1 - I do not like to sell things: 

Hello, here is a secret, I don't either. Selling Nerium isn't about selling something. It is about sharing something that you like with others. How many are guilty of spreading the news of the greatness of a Dirty Diet Coke or how everyone has to watch the new Walking Dead Series. I know for a fact that the Twilight Series wasn't a success because it had a great plot line, but more because women shared with other women about a good book they read. We share everything anyways, why not share a product and get paid to do it? You give a five-day sample out and then pick it up five-days later. They buy or they don't. Simple as that.  I bet when you found out about baby food in a pouch, you sold everyone on that product, even the new moms at McDonalds playplace just because they saw you using it.

#2 It is too expensive:

Why, yes. It is going to cost money, but I bet your bottom dollar that if you don't buy this cream today, tomorrow you will spend it on face cream that will not work. The average woman spends up to $250 a month on little miracle workers that don't really work (now run to the bathroom and see if you have night cream, day cream, cover-up, etc. and start to count the dollars of unused items that didn't work). It is a huge industry and I am a sucker for a good commercial that never seems to turn back the clock ten years. Shocker, Nerium can. I am the proof, it's in the pudding (or cream, however you look at it, it is awesome).

#3 I don't have time:

Yes, women don't have time because women don't make themselves a priority. It is like a time tested fact that in our minds, we don't have time for ourselves. Between the gym, grocery shopping, working, kids, cheerleading, basketball and playdates, dinner, laundry, etc, time is of the essence. Yet, much as we are able to find a moment of salvation when running to the grocery store  or going to the bathroom alone, there is time in the day to text a friend or call a stranger and ask them if you can bring them a five-day, free sample of face-cream. We are not asking you to sell ice to an Eskimo, just to take a few minutes to bring a small amount of happiness in a bottle to another soul who probably needs a break for a few minutes to catch up on the chaos of the world. It isn't what time you don't have, it is what you do in the time you do have. 

#4 I know a friend who has a cousin that has a neighbor that did this and failed:

We'll congratulations, with that attitude you have already failed. At least that is what I tell my son when he says he didn't turn in his homework late because he was afraid he would get in trouble and then have to stay in from lunch. The aspect that brought me into selling Nerium is the idea of doing this with your best friends. If your friend's cousin neighbor had a team to support her then she would not have failed. Our motto is: No woman left behind. So you can't pass out the sample because you are having a baby (shout out to one of the BP with me) that is okay, we are a team and will do what we can to make sure you don't fail. Failure isn't an option when you have the support of honest to goodness woman who care for you. It is a bit like polygamy I would imagine, but without all the sharing the husband aspect. 

#5 I don't do Pyramid Scheme's:

Neither do I! This has to be the biggest lie out there about network marketing ever!  People confuse the multilevel marketing business model with an actual illegal pyramid scheme. in pyramid schemes you will never, ever make more money than the person above you.  Not true with Nerium. You could sign up with me today and in two years or less pass me in rank and making more money.  I don't want a Brand Partner who doesn't want to make money, make friends, and have fun being a part of my team.  I just had a friend over today whose relative gets monthly paychecks from a MLM he joined 20 years ago. Also, a good friend does drive a pink Cadillac from Mary Kay.  Plus, I want you to be my friend forever, not just until I find something new to sell. If I ask you, I am asking for the long haul, not a trip to the candy store.

So, while I don't expect you to have a new car in a few months or that you will make a million dollars by the new year, I do expect you to build a nest egg in your home which will give you and your husband the peace of mind. I expect you to let your kids take those extra classes that you couldn't afford before. I expect you to go to Disneyland once a year and I expect you to become happy because of the freedom that will become vitally important to our future. And your skin looks better than ever. So the next time I call you up or somebody asks you to run a "home business" or "MLM" give them a high five for taking their career and life into their own hands. And if you are lucky, they will let you join them.

So now join my team


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