Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer Fun 2009

So our summer has been really great and I can't believe it is almost July, and I haven't kept you completely in the know with June, so sorry about that. But with only 8 monre weeks of summer (who is counting) I guess that just means I am closer to freedom as in August I will have all 3 kids in school (well Emma will be in preschool twice a week, if Mikkie decides to let her go ;) and then has cheer twice a week)! SO I started to reflect on my summer and decided to share what has been going on with in our house...

First, this is Tyler (in case you didn't know, we have been married for the past 9 years). I understand if you don't recognize him, my kids don't (JK, Ty) because he is at school and work. Don't worry though, he graduates in August and let the clouds of heaven open up to our excitement to see him Monday-Saturday for more than an hour (I might be biting my tongue though at that time, I am a bit independent ;) It is an action shot, he is hard to catch on camera.

They say this is Man's Best Friend, but honestly, he likes me more than Tyler. He actually doesn't like Tyler at all. He is the new-ish addition to our family. We got him back in May and it is nice to have somebody to yell at besides the kids. Plus he still likes me when I yell at him ;) His name is Mac and he gets climbed on more than the jungle gym up the street. I think Emma thinks he is her personal chauffeur to the kitchen. If he looks fat to you, you have to know he has probably lost about 20 lbs. When we first got him he could hardly walk up the stairs, now I drive the car around the block while he chases me (sure beats him on the treadmill ;)

How sparky, sparky of me... a garden! If you look totally close you can see a yellow bud that will eventually be my first tomato, if those dang grasshoppers don't eat them (don't know what I am talking about? Go to Fox 13 news in Utah. I called the news to come and do a story on my neighborhood grasshoppers. The funny thing was I wasn't even here when they came. But I am so sure Kelly Day and Tiffany Heath were very excited to be on the news. Once again, I have too much time on my hands when Tyler is not around, I think he grounds me. LOL.)

My Red Cabbage... when I see this red cabbage all I want to do is go to Arcadia and have the red cabbage at the boat. Is that still there? YUM! Somebody send me some love! And then in the corner, check out the strawberries curtiousy of my thefting them from my father-in-laws. Thanks RON!

and what garden isn't complete with flowers... and lots of them. If you remember from my wedding, I am addicted to Daisies... just love the things. Got a bunch of fakes ones all around the house. Like the pink ones on the left, totally fake. Kayley dared me...

And my SHASTA Daisies!

June was full of rain...

and rainbows. This is from our balcony. I wish you could have been there and seen it. Just amazing...
My most adorable friend, Laurie had this great wreath on her front door... so I made my own. Just have to say, hers is better, but mine has spunk. Feel free to drive by and stare.

So South Pas... I set up the pool on our deck and filled it with hot water from the sink. I use to do that for my brothers and sisters back in the old country (california). Emma just sat in the "jacuzzi" all day, that is between her bathroom breaks. She is potty trained, I AM DONE WITH DIAPERS! Hip Hip!

Again, more Mel pictures....

Friday, June 12, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Miracle in the NICU

I just got this note from Erika who works at the NICU in Provo...

I am forwarding this picture that was taken of a sick baby in our unit last week. The neat thing about this picture is that when it was taken there was nobody actually touching the baby. However, when the picture was developed you can see a translucent mans hand on the baby as if he is comforting him. I know that miracles happen everyday in this unit, however, to actually see something this neat gives me chills!