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I know this has been a long time coming, but I decided to get bangs like Reese Witherspoon... so here you go, pretty hot expecially for a Sunday Girls Night... that is one of my bestest girlfriends Laurie, she always looks hot.

Washing of the Coins: I DON"T SUGGEST

I have a change box that I dump all my change in and leave in the closet. I looked in it and the cat had peed on the change. I was totally grossed out so I put the change in a pot, added bleach, and boiled the heck out of it. Now, I have gross looking coins. Needless to say, I don't suggest boiling coins if you plan on using them in the future to purchase Diet Cokes at the Mav. I don't know if you can tell in the picture, but the coloring looks like it came off and rusted. Sometimes I wonder how I get these genuises idea and am still able to hold onto my Masters Degree?


I got out of the car this morning and saw that Emma had taken a jump rope from the gym and hid it in my bag. Not to worry... I will be back there on Monday to return the stolen item. She brought the jump rope inside and I start to clean the house (or so I would like you to think that is what I was doing instead of just sitting on the computer) and Audrey comes in, jump rope in hand, and says, "Emma and I both wanted the jump rope, so I cut it in half" DANG IT!


We had our first HUGE snow storm of the winter and I cannot be more excited. I remember growing up in California and not really understanding the changing season, but now I am all about the leaves falling, the weather cooling, and the SNOW falling! Here is our house and our front porch after Tyler shoveled. Warm up the hot cocoa for these pictures!

All Hallows Eve: ADULT ONLY!!

So with all my complaining I did have a blast, PHEW, we got some great friends...

Here is Jenna and I. Our sons are BFF, and rumor has it that her son Andrew might marry Audrey... She is Boba Fett.

And remember Kayley, my college roomie, have to say we still look the same!

Now, I might hate the holiday, but I sure like to party, so I guess when you have friends all it good. No more complaining from me, until next Halloween!

Halloweenie with the Cluffies

Emma, the Gangsta'

I think Emma thinks she is apart of my brothers South Pas gansta' tribe. She sure dresses like one. Can I just say she must have gotten her keen fashion sense from her Auntie Beth... JK! Check out that Hat, those shoes, that outfit, and of course, the OREO's that seem to grow on her face!

THE Primary Program

We had our first primary program in our new ward and for the first time with both Ben and Audrey. Oh if only those feelings that were expressed during that time could be bottled and sold. LOL!

Tyler sat on the stage with our 5 year old primary class, Audrey was in the front row, Ben sat next to Gabe on the side, and I sat in the pew with the Emma. Seemily the perfect church going family.

As always, Audrey was the perfect angel. She was really great, just sat and smiled. Now if you had been at our house before church you would have seen her DIVA side, but that is not that fun to write about. Emma was a wiggler, but actually sat through the entire hour sacrement program.

The encounter at this church event had to be Ben. He sat and pointed at me, thumbs up, standing up, wiggling around to no end. His teacher had him changed seats, which didn't seem to help. I even did the sign for death in sign language, he laughed and signed it back. It was at the point in my life that I wondered if it…