Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Are you There God? It’s me Debbie.

No one ever told Debbie Cluff that 34 would be such a hard age. When she hits the ripe old age of 34, Debbie has a whole new bunch of adjustments in her life. She has to deal with stolen snacks on the school bus, a dirty mouthed 3 year old, gas induced flax seed digestion, 5 am gym runs which takes 3 days to recover, diet coke IV, inability to do midnight movies, her daily reminder of her "cougar" status, and many more “thirty something” dramas. While she aspired in her 20’s to become a professional, a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, etc, it wasn’t until she hit exactly 34 that she realized that she had become not one, but 10 different professionals at once.

1. Lawyer- although she winds up representing both sides. And yes, in her defense, a hug is a great way to follow through with disciplinary action.
2. Teacher- her poor kids are required to learn how to read and write before they enter Kindergarten…then there’s that whole homework issue which she can’t seem to control.
3. Doctor/Surgeon- oh, the stuffed animals, she stitched up and the countless meds she administered.
4. Dentist- someone has to teach them how to brush and get that corn-on-the-cob out of their teeth.
5. Plumber- not her favorite job, G.I. Joe and Polly Pocket did not need to have a Jacuzzi.
6. Paralegal- someone has to do the research for that stupid science project.
7. Politician- hey, democracy works in all households. Or is it called totalitarianism?
8. Cook/Chef- depending on the menu, a cook makes Apple Jacks and a chef make macaroni and cheese (in the blue box, of course)
9. Coroner- for pets, not the kids! This is one of those times when ‘white lies’ are okay.
10. Electrician- how many moms does it take to change a light bulb? One! With all they do, changing light bulbs is an easy job.

With all this work, Debbie knows she needs someone to talk to about growing up (yes, maybe it is time) -and it’s not long before she finds a solution.

Are you there God? Its me, Debbie. MUST SEE for 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010

That is How We Roll...

Today was fast and testimony meeting. Audrey had a temperature and wasn't able to come to church... Tyler was sleeping (in his defense he worked until 3:30 and still has to work again tonight), so he stayed home with Audrey.She was suppose to give a talk on the gift of the holy ghost in primary... so Emma had to fill in. We had a box (thanks Beth!!) that was the "gift" and Emma carried it proudly into sacrament... the entire time asking over and over again "is it my turn to go up yet?". Luckily, it was fast and testimony... so I decided she could walk up and bear her testimony. Right after the sacrament, she walked up proudly holding the box (her gift) and loudly said, "My name is Emma Cluff and I know this church is true". I was so proud... SO I had to bear my testimony, since I as standing there and being so non eloquent with my wording... I muttered something out. Which I am sure set a high standard of spirituality for the entire meeting. When we sat down, Ben kept saying he felt the spirit, he felt warm, and wanted to bear his testimony. Since Tyler wasn't there (he isn't big on having Ben go up without proper preparation), he walked up tall and reverent and stood right next to the podium in line, waiting his turn... like a tin soldier. That poor man, had my son standing right next to him the entire time he bore his testimony.... talk about peer pressure to hurry up.

Ben bore his testimony and it was beautiful. I think he said three things, but I sensed an aura around him (I like to think it is little angels), a greatness of what he will become. It really is so great to know that Tyler and I are doing "something" right... well at least for now. With me, I like to have my kids bear their testimony, though some may argue that it is "not reverent" , but really I think I thrive more on "child like" faith than anything else I hear and see at church. What keeps me going is knowing that my children will always have their Heavenly Father with them because I allowed them to feel and share the spirit. Well done, my Ben and Emma.

A Son's Perspective

My son had to write about his greatest influence. It was on Mother's Day, so he chose to write about his dad ;) It was such a good essay...