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And the pooping baby saga goes on...

So today Audrey was drawing a picture of me, which is something she does on a regular basis (we are just now thankful it is on paper, instead of the walls) and then she draws little eggs inside my stomach and says "Look Mom, you can poop babies out too!" That was just great. So simple. Why didn't I think of that? Here is the actual picture, see the eggs in my tummy? BTW, I am not pregnant.

Does her Diaper make her butt look big?

So I am just going to throw out this question. Does her diaper make her butt look big? I am thinking so. Thoughts? Isn't it so funny how you can remember different times according to the styles. I remember in the 11th grade when we went to Disneyland and my mom wanted me to wear an "old school" mickey mouse shirt and I totally refused... flash forward to 2005 and Jen Garner wearing the same shirt and now it is the "Rave. Who knew! So this shirt will go down in the file with my bright pink florescent shirt and my tie-dyes :)

Our House!!

For those of you out of town... here is a pictures of our house! It's looking all springing, but don't worry the snow will be a coming!

Pooping Out Babies

We were watching Go Diego Go this morning and it had leather back sea turtles who were laying their eggs in the sand waiting for the light of the moon to hatch the eggs and return the wee babies back to the ocean sea... How natural, healthy and beautiful until my 4 year old, Audrey, yells, "Look Mom, the turtles are pooping out their babies!" So much for that!

Family History

Since this is my first family post, I decided to do something that one of my friends did, called "Photo Tag"

#1 Self Portrait
Yes, this might take you back to the 1970's photo of your mother in high school, but with the stress in my life, sometimes that "in the moment" pictures just should not be posted. Here is what I would look like had I graduated from high school in 1974! I am going to boot camp, 5 days a week, and just made a bet with my husband to not eat sugar for a month... so if you see me don't feed me! Maybe I will add a photo in 6 weeks ;)

#2 What are my kids doing right now:

Are you serious? I have been working on this blog all day, they are in bed. Well, I can honestly say that Ben is sleeping, as for Audrey and Emma, they are watching TV in my bed. I know, it is past 9, but they just sit so quietly when "Wow Wow Wubzy" comes on... who else is going to babysit them at this hour? Plus knowing what 1 out of 3 is doing is great :) I can t…