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Sub for Santa

Every year I put together a Sub for Santa. I ask the mother of a family to make a list of 4 things for each of their kids and place this list on Amazon. This year the family I have chosen just lost their father in July to cancer, there are 5 kids and at this time the mother isn't working. With a broken heart and a super amount of followers to my site, I am begging if anybody can afford to get something, please do. Just go to and click wish list, then click Find Someone's Wish List and type in the email address the list is under Sub for Santa 2011. Just pick something and send it directly to me 1962 Woodview Drive Lehi, Utah 84043 and I will wrap it up and bring it a week before Christmas.

Teach the Children the True Meaning of Christmas

Just a week before Christmas I had a visitor. This is how it happened...I just finished the household chores for the night and was preparing to go to bed, when I heard a noise in the front of the house. I opened the door to the front room and to my surprise, Santa himself stepped out from behind the Christmas tree.

He placed his finger over his mouth so I would not cry out. "What are you doing?" I started to ask. The words choked up in my throat, and I saw he had tears in his eyes. His usual jolly manner was gone.

Gone was the eager, boisterous soul we all know. He then answered me with a simple statement. "TEACH THE CHILDREN!" I was puzzled; what did he mean?

He anticipated my question, and with one quick movement brought forth a miniature toy bag from behind the tree. As I stood bewildered, Santa said, "Teach the children! Teach them the old meaning of Christmas. The meaning that now-a-days Christmas has forgotten."

Santa then reached in his ba…

My Price of Invulnerability

Teacher Gifts: Underappreciated

So I don't mean to rant and rave here, but I teach preschool in my basement. Key point here is, teach. While it may seem like a plush job to many, I ask you this, have you ever had one of those weekends where come Monday morning you are actually looking forward to going back to work and feel you need a break? And that’s based on spending time with your own child whom you love unconditionally. Now do that 3 days a week.

To understand the life of a teacher is difficult if you haven’t done it before, but I think this quote by Donald D. Quinn says it best, “If a doctor, lawyer, or dentist had 40 people in his office at one time, all of whom had different needs, and some of whom didn’t want to be there and were causing trouble, and the doctor, lawyer, or dentist, without assistance, had to treat them all with professional excellence for nine months, then he might have some conception of the classroom teacher’s job.

Yet, the end of the year came and went and on the last day I g…

How to Train Your Husband

We got the most adorable dog named Molly a couple of months ago. She is 5 year old dachshund and when I talked to her previous owner she had no problems with kids, people, other dogs. Well flash forward 2 months and she doesn't like other dogs, goes a bit MIA fast when the door opens up, pees in the basement, likes to jump up on my 4 year old and attacks kids if they get near her. Big problem, but I am getting closer and closer to her beginning to listen. So I researched and watched shows such as "It's the Dog or Me" and have been trying to implement those findings into my every day life.

Last week we hit our 11 years of marriage and while doing research on how to train my dog I can now see that I did not train my husband very well. In the past 11 years of our marriage I think I made SEVERAL life changing mistakes in this process and now am wondering if that saying applies to husbands. Is it true that you can teach an old husband new tricks??

My husband is a great man,…

The Hearts that She Touched

This past weekend a neighbor past away in the middle of the night. She was young, 6 years younger than me, she had 4 kids. I knew her, in the sense that I saw her on occasion and had the honor of talking with her over the year she lived by me. She made me laugh, She made me smile and we talked for hours about General Hospital.

You touched the hearts of many,
you presence still linger in our souls,
its so hard to think goodbye,
I question why so early in life,
even though you are gone,
you'll never be forgotten,
You'll be missed by many,
its brings tears to my eyes,
that this is a goodbye,
rest in peace,
we will see you in eternity.

Wordless Monday?!

It just is one of those days....

The Horrific Turmoil of Being a Mom and Drinking Diet Coke

Recently, like this past Sunday, I was sitting in church. My Emma was chatting about something, my Audrey was constantly asking to use the bathroom, and my Ben was making my Emma laugh which in turned made me try to think of quick and quiet ways to get them to settle down. There is such a fine line, for me, about teaching my kids when to be quite, reverent, and self entertainment. Plus how do I teach my children to pay attention to adult speakers when I am having the same problem? I also have come to terms with how crafty my children are at knowing there is nothing that I can do besides the "SHHH" and "be quite" during this sometimes long hour. But this post isn't going to be about my bad parenting on Sunday, but the relationship of events that coincide with my bad parenting skills this day.

So this is how my Sunday was going. I often wonder if maybe when I am older and the snacks and church bags are gone that I might actually be able to understand and follow th…

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