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Finally 34!

I will be the first to admit, I am obsessed with my birthday. It is not one of those healthy obsessions, but rather a day of the year, that even my husband, sisters, cousins, and parents fear. Before I was married my birthday's consisted of a week (or longer) long tradition of something we "Roberts" fans like to call "The Birthday Bonanza". I can remember horses, cotton candy machines, and of course, the traditional slumber party (where my dad would take us to the movies and then we would do a Chinese fire drill only to be pulled over by the San Marino cops in which one of my girlfriends tried to kiss to get us out of that ticket). I swear I was (and still am) more excited about my birthday than any other day of the year (Sorry, Ty, April 14th is up there). But, HELLO, it is only one time a year that is just all about you (or me, accept when I am with my mom, then it is about us).

Seriously.... sometimes I wonder if people should really declare the 23rd of Janu…

Happy Birthday to Me!

Hike across green Ireland;
Bike the USA;
Backpack through New Zealand,
But don’t call it a day…

Do yoga in lovely Paris;
Jump rope in Katmandu;
Avoid Italian pasta,
(Well, maybe taste, but don’t you chew!)

Climb atop Mt. Everest;
Do aerobics on China’s Wall;
Lift weights on Mexican Beaches;
And honey, that’s not all…

Shake your booty with native dances
In Fiji and Bora Bora;
Move your body and exercise
Like you’ve never done befora.

Okay; that’s good; you’re finished;
Now you can take a break;
You’ve finally burned enough calories
To have your birthday cake!

A little bit of Italy: From my mom to my brother

Dear Anziano Roberts,

Happy New Year!

Can you believe it's 2010?

We had an amazing miracle happen yesterday. Remember how we told you that Christian's aunt was going to bring you your Christmas presents after the 2nd ( as she was flying home to Italy from Christian's house on that day)?

We were impressed that you had been transferred 10 hours away to Slovenia. We thought that you wouldn't receive your gifts till later because of your transfer. Little did we know that you were moved much closer , thanks to a loving Heavenly Father.

Suzanne McNairy Tomasetti called yesterday and talked with Dad. She told him that she had just spoken to Christian's mom in Italy. Sister Tomasetti told Suzanne that new missionaries had just been transferred to their branch. She said one had born his testimony and had been so beautiful and humble. Suzanne asked his name AND it was YOU!!!!

She told her mother-in-law who you were and Sister Tomasetti was so excited ( as we all are). She said she…