Wednesday, August 15, 2012

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I just finished my first novel, so if you enjoyed my blog you will LOVE my book. Lol. Can you go to this site

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BIG HUGS! Here is the summary

Meet Laila Simons. A woman over one hundred years old, but otherwise in the prime of her life. The non-stop exercise she still gets through her stressful, human social worker position and the high intensity shopping trips probably contribute to that, or the visits to the local spas for Botox treatments. Laila, of course, is a fairy who signs her death warrant over when an unexpected  and unruly teenage fairy is placed in her care. There was at least one small ray of sunshine in her dreary world, her obsession with a hazel-green, sultry eyes man named Julian. Yet there are powerful forces, who for very different reasons, want to keep Laila and Julian apart.
            A story of love and deceit, secrets and betrayals, that takes us from the mythical attempts of explaining the origins of the world to the backyard of the historical city known as Pasadena. Once upon a Cartier is the love story, a bold inquiry into destiny and Laila’s decision to pursue a path towards everlasting love and unspeakable loss. A true battle of defining what unconditional love is and in doing so, remind us what it means to be human.

A Son's Perspective

My son had to write about his greatest influence. It was on Mother's Day, so he chose to write about his dad ;) It was such a good essay...