Sunday, November 2, 2008

THE Primary Program

We had our first primary program in our new ward and for the first time with both Ben and Audrey. Oh if only those feelings that were expressed during that time could be bottled and sold. LOL!

Tyler sat on the stage with our 5 year old primary class, Audrey was in the front row, Ben sat next to Gabe on the side, and I sat in the pew with the Emma. Seemily the perfect church going family.

As always, Audrey was the perfect angel. She was really great, just sat and smiled. Now if you had been at our house before church you would have seen her DIVA side, but that is not that fun to write about. Emma was a wiggler, but actually sat through the entire hour sacrement program.

The encounter at this church event had to be Ben. He sat and pointed at me, thumbs up, standing up, wiggling around to no end. His teacher had him changed seats, which didn't seem to help. I even did the sign for death in sign language, he laughed and signed it back. It was at the point in my life that I wondered if it would be appropraite for me to race down the aisle and pull him out of church. Instead, I sat, smiled like a proud mother and quickly brewed his punishment.

So here you go. I had him come home and sit on a chair for the entire hour, which is the length of church. He sat and if he stood up or moved, we started the timer again. I have to tag this punishment as one of my best.


AMiller said...

Wow - you are so strict. I didn't even notice Ben. I did notice that neither of my kids actually sang anything.

i can carry all the bags and the babies too. said...

I am totally strict ;) Ben is great at home, but for some reason when he is not around his parents, he is like a wild maniac! I really need some parenting support.LOL