Friday, July 10, 2009

My Best Friend

There is something so comforting visiting my Best Friend. I dont' know if we have known each other for SO long that no matter what everything is funny or that we just have learned to treasure the time we have together. We drove down to California this week and got to spend time with Heidi and her kids... which was a blast. Our kids are SO alike and all the same age. They all buddied up and played together and it TOTALLY was like something we talked about when we were 15 years old "our kids will play together"... lol. I guess knowing somebody for over 20 years really is a blessing!!! Hagen Family we miss you already!

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Katie said...

fun! we need to make the drive to CA together sometime. We go seriously like once a month. I still need to come over and learn how to use coupons. I'll call you.