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Boxed CHECK 35-42

I was filling out a free sample of something unimportant when I came to a box that asked my age... Then I saw the box they wanted ME to check.... 35-42. Seriously?? Can it possible that this youthful sex goddess is wanted to check a box that is close to the classification of being in my 4o's?! My life is still an array of commotion, but I think I will take with pride the box that places me in 35...

At 22 you’re a New Graduate, faxing and filing
While dating a guy who can’t stop drunk-dialing.
You begin to wonder if college was simply a waste,
Long gone are the idealistic dreams that you chased.
(…for now, anyway!)

Next you’re a Dollarless Diva with no cash in sight,
Eating peanuts off the bar when you go out at night.
You’re dating a guy just for the free meals,
And searching the clearance rack for any good deals.
(…that you buy on credit!)

By 24, you dive into your career and become the Worker Bee,
Taking on bigger projects and working overtime for free.
Your sights are set higher than the cubicle you’re in,
And you run yourself ragged, determined to win.
(Will showing some leg help?)

Around 25, you realize the food you eat is making you chubby,
You start feeling disgusting and tired and grubby.
You become the Body Conscious Babe and hit the gym hard,
Determined to lose every last inch of lard.
(Come on, it’s not that bad!)

Once you’re in shape, and you’re feeling great,
Around 28 you meet a guy you actually want to date.
He likes hiking, so you take it up too,
You’re a Chameleon, becoming like him to make him love you.
(…but not for long!)

A bit or so later, you realize you feel a bit strange.
This guy just isn’t The One, but it’s so tough to change.
Your job gets you down and you’re not satisfied with your life
You’re in Crisis Chick mode and nothing at all seems quite right
(Bring on the chocolate and naps!)

Around 30, you pull through, and after a final good cry,
You switch jobs, change your wardrobe and marry a good guy.
You figure out a path in order to make it on your own
And become Happy Girl, you can't do it alone.

But one day you’re putting on your makeup under bright lights in the loo,
And you notice a wrinkle staring right back at you.
It must be the lighting– it just can’t be real,
Or maybe, you realize, you’re not as young as you feel.

You’re a little confused—you’re no longer a girl,
But you’re not yet a women, and that makes you in a “Whirl
You’re caught between the two with your age starting to show,
But you’re not old just yet! You’ve got many years left to go!
(At least sixty or so!)

You think back over your life, and all you’ve been through,
It seems like there’s been three or four or ten different yous.
You wonder how you survived each and every phase,
Enduring crazy-sagging boobs and exhausting kid filled days.

But you’ve learned patience, and hard work, and carrying kids while in heels,
And turning 35 is not as bad as it feels,
You see that your life is a constantly changing commotion,
Full of challenges, fun times, lots of love and emotion!

So the next time life sucks and your husbands an ass,
Remember that surely this stage too shall pass.
You’ll make it through the tough times and gracefully survive,
Remember all the best women have turned 35.

The best days lie ahead, you’re now the True You!
Get busy living, there’s so much to do.
Make every new day what you want it to be.
The future has not been written. Only you hold the key!


Lala said…
LOVE your post!!! This is kind of what I have talking about on my blog about turning 30. LOL!! But entering a new decade of age is always scary and interesting ;-)

Xenia said…
What a great post! I totally agree!

Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful weekend!
Monica said…
I hear you!!!
Just stopping by from Follow Along Friday, I'm your newest follower and I hope you will follow back.

Hey, this is a fun post. I think the thirties are the best time!
30 not so bad. I am not looking forward to 40. New follower- follow back at
Kortney said…
Hi! I'm following from the weekend hop! Come visit me at! Happy hopping! :)
Amy said…
Thanks for following I'm following back. Have a great weekend.
Melissa said…
Aw, I love this! I am always dwelling on where my life has gone, when I need to focus on where it's about to take me. I know the best days are ahead! I am your newest follower from the Friday blog hops. Love your blog! You can find me at:

Have a great day! :-)

Carolyn said…
What a lovely post! I agree with you!
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LindyLouMac said…
Calling by from Italy via Fresh Friday/Seasonal Saturday to visit another participant. Great post, that really made me laugh, 35 is positively young to an Empty Nester like me. :)
LindyLouMac said…
Hi there thankyou for calling by my Book Review Blog today? I am not sure what you meant when you said following me back, do you just mean from the Seasonal Saturday or that you have become a follower? I live in Northern Lazio on the shores of the Lago di Bolsena, north of Roma. Where is your brother? Anyway good to meet you. :)
I LOVE this ;)

I'm following from the hop.
Julie said…
Love this!!!
found you on blog hop
Following. :)

posted tonight about quitting my day job and now Etsy full time. :D
Rumtruffle said…
Just popping by via 'I Love My Online Friends' blog hop to say hello and wish you a lovely week ahead.
Helen x
Holly said…
I am approaching a slightly big b'day and am still happy to check that particular box...for a couple of more years, but I do remember when the transition happened. Great message too! Thanks for coming by 504 Main!
Hockey Wife said…
Hey! I'm an OVERWORKED AND UNDERPAID OPPRESSED HOUSEWIFE too! ;) Stopping by from FTLOB! Can't wait to check out the rest of your posts!
Kat said…
I'm sure check boxes are there to make us feel insecure about ourselves. Good post. I love that poem, although I'm a bit past that now, but I don't feel old either. Came here by way of FTLOB.
Jennifer said…
Hi I am your newest follower via the blog hop! I hope you will follow me back at and sign my linky to get others to follow you too Have a great day!
Jennifer ~ Makobi Scribe
Siv Maria said…
Hi, I am your newest follower. I found you through Mondays blog hop and I look forward to coming back. I am new to all this blogging and hopping so it really helps me out if you can come and visit me. Great post! I dread every decade since 30 and when that next birthday comes around I just want to hide.

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