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Twas the Night Before Christmas

As I have ordered 50 Christmas Cards to send out and put addresses on them I then decided that I will never make it to the mailbox and get the letters to my dear friends and family. There is snow on the ground and I am from Southern California and strongly believe in the philosophy that if it is not sunny outside, you don't go outside. SO here you go... here is a recap of my little family in the year 2009.

Tyler is currently working as a police officer and loving it. I think he just likes to carry his gun and hand cuffs with him wherever he goes... but that might just be my opinion. I can't see that being very comfortable when we go to the movies. He is now home 3 days of the week, all day. No complaints here (Ok, so seriously if you are talking to me I would be complaining cause he messes with my groove when he is home, but...) only because him and Emma are the bestest of friends in the world and she makes him laugh as hard as he makes her laugh. I think really over this last year, Tyler has become a true "Dad" and really has shown this family how important he is and how much we need him. Don't tell him, but I am so in love with him.

I am working 2 jobs, no pressure. This next year I would like to swim with the dolphins in Mexico and visit my long lost relatives in Hawaii... wish me luck. We will be hitting our 10 year mark in April. PHEW! Who knew that we would last this long? I have to mention that I got bangs this year and I look totally hot!

Benjamin Stewart Cluff- 7
My little baby Benjamin will be baptized this April and can't wait to go on a mission. He is the best example to our family. I was talking to Audrey and she told me that Ben has been reading the scriptures to her when I leave for work. I asked him if he did that and he said "we'll somebody had to... you keep forgetting". He LOVES LOVES LOVES BYU football and playing with his best friend, Gabe (who has the same personality). Right now he is into GI Joe and Lego's Halo (whatever that is, thanks Jenna). I don't know how I could survive without this kid. He does the dishes, the laundry, feeds the dog, and always has a smile on his face. He holds a record in our house for not having missed a spelling work yet in 2nd grade! Really, where did this kid come from? He is so kind to his sisters and every morning gets up and pours a bowl of cereal for all 3 kids. He wants his hair like Justin Timberlake, which would work out fine because he has so many cow licks (Yes, Kayley it is called a cow lick).

Audrey Jean Cluff- 5
Audrey is the most perfect child. She is kind and loving and always smiling, even when she is coloring on the walls or gluing her fingers together. She is now writing novels... did I mention she doesn't know how to read yet. I guess she is just phonetic like her mother. Lol. She just finished in 3rd place for her cheer competition and might qualify for nationals in January... HOLY CRAP! That would be so super amazing. I have totally seen "Bring It On" like a million times! Audrey is the girl that everyone in the neighboorhood will take anywhere without hesitation because she is SO EASY GOING (I can say that is not the Roberts side of her). She has also decided she is going to hyphenate her name to Roberts-Cluff (why does it seem my kids keep doing this and I don't?). She is the artist in the family and if you come over you will see that (I mean really see it... she hangs pictures up on the wall in the office and writes us all love notes) I can't talk about Audrey without mentioning her hair. DANG, she has the best hair that will do anything that you want it to! Right now, she wants to get the bop it to make it puffy in the back.

Emma Rae Cluff- 3

Can you believe that my baby is 3!! About Emma... enough said. She is a spit ball of fire. I keep asking my mom how and why with this child and it is always the same answer "she is you". She is the funniest girld I have ever met whether she is beating up her older brother or rubbing my head. I had to cut her hair last week because every morning I would say "Emma, we have to brush your hair" and she would say "I already did it yesterday". Makes sense. She loves that she is the only person in the family that has blue eyes. I don't think a day can go buy that she will not bust out a song and dance. Also, not a day goes by that she doesn't ask for a Diet Coke, my downfall of parenting I must confess. She is in school at Challenger and LOVES IT. In fact, when we were at my parents house for Thanksgiving she stood up and said in front of everyone "My name is Emma and I am a Challenger student". She just got her alphabet crown, meaning at 3 she knows all her letters and sounds. Genius, I am telling you.

I have to mention the dog, Ben said. His name is Mac and I really like him.

Overall, we are happy and excited for the Christmas Holiday. Ben said he didn't need presents for Christmas this year because all he wanted was a happy family. The next day when we were driving to school he said that we had already given him his present just by being us. I hope we can all have that same attitude this year! Merry Christmas

Love, The Cluff Family


Lytles said…
Merry Christmas to the Cluff family! Cute pictures of your kids! I loved what you wrote about each of them! Have a great Christmas!
I love your are cracking me up! I especially love the news about you and your wishes for next year. I could practically hear you talking as I read this.

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