Monday, March 7, 2011

My Emma in a Nutshell

My Emma is just one of a kind. She is a nut. That is basically what she is. Sometimes I wonder where she comes from, but then have a strange hunch that she is alot like me. Yesterday my sister came over and asked if we were going to hold Emma back from entering Kindergarten in September because she is so short... she is short. She is almost 5 and still wears 2 T. I like to think she is more petite than short... but whatever, she is adorable. Here is a list of her latest "Oh no she did not say that"....

Emma, who is the president of the United States -- Burger King


My dad asked Emma where she wanted to go, he had an empty box. She got in the box and said "Nanok". He said where is that. She said, "Far away, duh"

Everything is "that is kinda freaking me out".

Emma was talking to her cousin on the phone when I heard her say "Can you hear me... I was shaking my head" to a question that Lo Lo asked.

In her prayers she said, "Dear Uncle Jesus, please bless my Uncle Devin will get better... oh, yeah... and bless the food"

I asked Emma what she wanted to drink and she said Diet Coke, but if they don't have that I guess I will take a Diet Pepsi.

Emma told me she had a good dad, I said I picked a good dad, and she said "yeah we all like to pick on dad -- and poke him"

Yesterday she said, "I have Jesus in my brain and it is kinda freaking me out"

Noah, her friend, asked to marry her, she said no

I found an eyelash on Emma's cheek during sacrament. I picked it off and put it on my thumb and whimsically added, "Emma Blw". She blew her nose, snot all over my thumb.

I asked Emma where the rain came from, "The wind kind, he is now crying"


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LindyLouMac said...

Very cute. What an earth has height to do with starting school! I am sure she is more than ready for the experience. One of our daughters was always particularly small amongst her peers and it was never a problem.

An Irish Italian Blessing said...

She sounds like a doll! Full of personality and can I just say I love the pic of her with her huge smile and Justin Bieber shirt on? Adorable really!

Morela said...

Hi I'm a new follower from MFM. I love this post. Kids say the cutest things. If I may share, my oldest daughter is almost 3. She was laying on daddy yesterday hugging and kissing him. She turned to me and said, "I like him!" I just said, "Then I guess we'll keep him."

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