Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Does her Diaper make her butt look big?

So I am just going to throw out this question. Does her diaper make her butt look big? I am thinking so. Thoughts? Isn't it so funny how you can remember different times according to the styles. I remember in the 11th grade when we went to Disneyland and my mom wanted me to wear an "old school" mickey mouse shirt and I totally refused... flash forward to 2005 and Jen Garner wearing the same shirt and now it is the "Rave. Who knew! So this shirt will go down in the file with my bright pink florescent shirt and my tie-dyes :)


jillybean22 said...

Emma is so adorable, big diaper but or not. :) I started a blog for our fam a few months ago.
check it out-www.clanofcluffs.blogspot.com

jillybean22 said...

I love your blog background, btw!

i can carry all the bags and the babies too. said...

I totally did the background by myself. Like put the HTML code together and all... very fun!