Sunday, October 19, 2008

Family History

Since this is my first family post, I decided to do something that one of my friends did, called "Photo Tag"

#1 Self Portrait

Yes, this might take you back to the 1970's photo of your mother in high school, but with the stress in my life, sometimes that "in the moment" pictures just should not be posted. Here is what I would look like had I graduated from high school in 1974! I am going to boot camp, 5 days a week, and just made a bet with my husband to not eat sugar for a month... so if you see me don't feed me! Maybe I will add a photo in 6 weeks ;)

#2 What are my kids doing right now:

Are you serious? I have been working on this blog all day, they are in bed. Well, I can honestly say that Ben is sleeping, as for Audrey and Emma, they are watching TV in my bed. I know, it is past 9, but they just sit so quietly when "Wow Wow Wubzy" comes on... who else is going to babysit them at this hour? Plus knowing what 1 out of 3 is doing is great :) I can tell you my husband is watching baseball on the couch.

#3 My Fridge

So I started this new thing at and am totally addicted to coupons and saving money on groceries. So much, that I have now been "hired" to work with the company on teaching mothers how to shop on a budget. Amazing, since I don't know how to budget! Plus, it seems like I always am shopping for a family of 10, instead of 5... hmm. I think that is one thing my mother taught me well, keep the fridge stocked!

#4 My Kitchen Sink

As usually my minions were able to unload and load the dishes before they went to bed. I have to say, it is "totally wicked" that my kids can do the dishes every day. So yes, my dishes are always done and Audrey will AJAX the sink. Did I mention they do the laundry?

#5 My Favorite Shoes

Are you kidding me, are there any other shoes? Manolo Blahniks, of course. I might not be able to afford them, but heck, they are always on my wish list. Right now I am into the ones of the right, Mladar, Patent leather pointed toe maryjane. 90mm thin covered heel. Leather sole. Lightly padded insole. Made in Italy. Retailing at Barney's of New York for a $575.00, does somebody smell a Christmas Present?

#6 My Favorite Room in the House

It's the balcony. The view is amazing and reminds me of places I have been and places I will go.

#7 Dream Vacation

6 days, 7 nights with my husband in Paris, France. Kids at the Grandparents.

#9 The Room I Spend the Most Time In

The room with the TV, are you kidding me. They call this "the great room" becuase it connects the living room with the kitchen... so where else would a mother of 3 be? I feed the kids, watch my soaps, eat my bon-bons, and then patiently cook dinner for my husband before he comes home from work... ;) Hey,. wait, I think that is Tyler's dream vacation.


AMiller said...

Glad to see you joining the blogging world. Do your kids really do laundry? I gotta figure that one out.

i can carry all the bags and the babies too. said...

They totally do the laundry :)