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Christmas with the Cluffs

This year was the best Christmas EVER! Becuase we went down to San Diego and returne don the 24th, it was a bit smaller than in years past, but I think that is why it was so good! The kids wore their matching outfits that my mom made and the presents were perfect. Tyler and I slept most of the day becuase we had pulled an ALL NIGHTER from San Diego to Lehi (the last hour we had to pull over twice to let the cold air wake us up, but don't worry we had 4 Pepsi Maxs, 2 rocketstars and a shot of something, so it really was a VERY funny drive, like really funny. Like drunken fun). The kids all got the stuff that fit their needs (I do feel like the worst mom though becuase I am not a toy buyer and they got so excited to actually have toys in the house, oh well. What are aunties and grandparents for).

So instead of a Christmas Card or letter here is our family update:

This year has been great, we moved to Lehi in April and finally are in a place that we are both happy. What a blessing to have the friends and neighboors that are considerate and actually like us! Tyler is the Police Academy on the 12th and will be working during the day and then going to school at night. He is so excited to finally be fullfilling his dream that he had when we were first married. So keep us in your prayers that he will actually get a job when he graduates in June.

Ben is in the first grade now and has a best friend name Gabe and I totally think they are dorks together, but whatever. They run around the house with pretend light sabers and guns and I dont' really understand boys. He is reading really really well and actually will read over my shoulder while I am writing my brother an email, which is strange. He sits and reads both Emma and Audrey books on a daily basis, which I love. He is super responsible, it would just impress anyone. He does the dishes, his room is ALWAYS clean, and he brings his laundry down every morning. HA! I got him trained for when he gets married.

Audrey is a cheerleader and when she is not drawing on the walls or paper she is doing tick tocks, cartwheels, handstands and flips around the house. She is in preschool and has no desire to really learn, she just wants to draw and sing. She is SO kind to everyone and will give whatever she can away to make others happy (which is hard expecially when she is giving away her food to other kids at the McDonalds Play Place).

Emma is Emma. She is funny and is just like Tyler, very kick back and likes to tease the heck out of me. She likes to tell me she loves me and really really likes to play with my hair. She follows around Ben and Audrey and really is the funniest person I have ever met (which is a both a curse and a blessing in my life). You can't get mad at her because she laughs and thinks you are joking. I don't know what to do with that one, but am so thankful for her and the joy she brings to everyone in this house.

I am doing really good. I have the most amazing work at home job and am super happy. I have started to work for this coming in teaching people how to buy groceries for a family of 4 for $180 a month, I am at $220 a month, which I think is very impressive. My sister Beth has been doing it with me and we both are super high on getting deals at the grocery store. I have friends this year! I know that might seem crazy, but I have friends who actually come over and hang out and call me and do girls night every week! It is the most amazing thing in the world... so shout out to Kayley, Jenna, Katrina, Laurie, Erica, Heidi, and Julie!

All in all, I am just glad the holidays are over and we can get ready for my birthday...


Mel said…
looks fun! sounds like a crazy year. I think that is how they will be from now on. maybe crazy is normal. I am happy you are making lots of friends and enjoying where you are at. hurray!
rljones1253 said…
Thanks for sharing! Your family is too cute! Kids add a whole new dimention to ones life.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Candice Carter said…
Cute X-Mas outfits!!! Tell your mom I said hello!

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