Monday, October 19, 2009

I LOVE Halloween

I love Halloween.

I really don't like to dress up in a costume (Actually I hate it).

I love witches and all the decorations that goes along with them.

I don't love passing out candy.

I love having my kids march up to your house and shout

"Trick or Treat!"

at the top of their lungs with their classic Cluff Smiles.

But I turn off all the lights at my own house, shut the curtains, and have the TV on as low as possible.

Hypocritical? Yes.

Wrong? Maybe.


Emilee said...

I posted some pictures of some of the things I'm selling at the Fall Boutique on my other blog

Emilee said...

What is your email address? I can make you three fluffy santas. However, I am booked up this year. I can get them done by the end of February, begginning of March. How does that sound? If it works, go to my blog and fill out an order form. Thanks.

mikkilynn said...

Stingey candy jerk! How do you sleep at night...especially Halloween night!?! :)

Keeping Up With the Joneses said...

I laughed on Halloween night as I thought of you. Some kids came to our house at 9:30pm (9:30!). The lights were off and the TV was low. Don't they know the signs of we are done handing out candy?!?