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The Annual Family Newsletter of 2010

My wonderful Christmas Miracles. Merry Christmas!

Dear Friends and Families

Merry Christmas! We pretty much had the perfect 2010 and I so can’t wait to share everything that added to this perfection over the past year! Super excited about 2011!

First, Emma started preschool and I must confess that her preschool teacher has expressed how academically advanced she is. It seems she is an overachiever who constantly listens so well to whatever her teacher has to say (especially when the teacher shouts up to her father “get down here now and handle this!). I must confess though, she might be a bit biased. She rocks in subjects like Counts to Ten, Holds Scissors Correctly, and Gallops. I'm telling you, this girl is going places! Tyler and I must be the most BRILLANT parents cause how else would you explain that?!

Emma dabbled a bit in cheer, but after two classes decided her passion is in dance, the kind that lasts about 45 minutes instead of 2 hours, twice a week. During her dance performance, I was inspired how she moved in that manner and maintained such pristine composure. Some might think she had a little stage fright, but I know it was just her passion for the arts and her unique style of presentation. On that note, she is dedicated to making new friends and talking to anybody that is close. Just a few months ago she was talking to the Vietnamese family who lives across the street. They asked if she wanted some supreme pizza and she told them “No, I only eat normal food, cheese pizza”. Luckily they don’t speak English, but that still doesn’t stop her from sharing her views and opinions on everything making her quite eloquent in her speech. Recently, she had two adorable twins growing in her tummy… Zac and Kate and Good Luck Charlie. They are very hungry all the time and usually demand some sort of sweets. And I might add that they are NOT happy if they don’t get what they want. We all try to accommodate to these adorable twins!

Next, Audrey begun the 1st grade. I hate to admit that her teacher (who is not as biased as Emma’s) said she was her favorite. But who can resist Audrey’s calm demeanor which MUST have come from the Bluth side genes. Cause if you have heard it once, you have heard it twice, that Bluth line is calm and stable. Thanks Mom for sending that perfection gene down the line! Audrey also has learned the art of utilizing her resources. A couple of months ago she asked for a makeup kit and I had to decline due to the makeup disaster of 2009. She then brought me the phone and calmly explains that she is going to call Aunt Beth, “she is a sucker for me.” This ideology must have come from Tyler’s side of the family.

Overall, Audrey likes to spend her days doing back hand springs. If she is not reading a book, you will find Audrey drawing… on the walls, the car, her sister. The greatest joy of this is that to Audrey the world really is her canvas… too bad her dad is having a hard time understanding her creative expression. Her art teacher has commented that she just sits and stares at Audrey when she is coloring. I wish I could do that because it would help with a lot of the cleanup I do (thank heavens for Magic Erasers!) I guess you can say Audrey is able to keep her art in meaningful and manageable places. How can we deny her that? I have always wondered if she was switched at birth because God could not have purposely given me such a good kid.

Ben has hit the third grade with avenges and is a bit of jokester, well at least he thinks he is. He is mostly stuck in the house with 3 other girls who don’t seem to understand or appreciate the sense of humor of a 8 year old boy. Call it crazy, but sometimes we don’t appreciate being shot by a fake gun when we turn the corner or being hit in the head by a flying football. But, he is perfect and allows us to simple remember the difference between the genders. And for that reason, we let him slide with the Legos on the floor and the toilet seat up. Mark Twain once wrote, "There comes a time in every rightly constructed boy's life that he has a raging desire to go somewhere and dig for hidden treasure” and lucky for me, most of his “boys will be boys” attitude means the house is staying very clean. Thanks Ben, the toilets are SPOTLESS! Ben also got baptized and is now putting his new outlook on life to use. He is understanding choice and accountability more now and really is learning life lessons on how to choose the right. Lucky for us, we get to put those principles in action quite a bit!

Along with his great attitude, Ben handled his 2nd year of Football. I would like to add that I definitely can take account for his stealth ninja moves on the field. Overall, the saying is true. Boys do love their Mommies and life is never dull with this one in our house! He has recently decided it was time for him to start making money (SO the Roberts side) and has invested his time in planning and preparing a Lego Club over the holidays. This goes along with him trying to sell water balloons over the summer. Hey, he made $10 bucks doing that.Not only that, but he lost a tooth! The first in our house at age 8... way to make the big bucks Ben!

Speaking of Stealth Ninja moves, Tyler is doing great. Basically his life is like one big game of cops and robbers. If he isn’t at work, he is hanging out with me or the kids and we are usually in bed by 9 (I guess we partied to hard when we were first married and now are just pooped). He likes to think he is in charge of things and I let him think that way. Someday he might realize this, but I doubt it. I think the longer we are married the more we act alike. I said that is good news for him, but he says it is good news for me.We took a family trip to California which was wonderful, as always. No matter what they say spending 10 hours straight in a car with your spouse is such great quality time and one the list of priceless experiences.

Did I mentioned we moved? Then moved again?

As for me, I am great. Though I do sometimes feel like I am stuck in the night before Christmas poem that goes like this, “Twas the Night before Christmas and all through the house, not a person was listening, not even the spouse”. In my quest for being the ultimate entrepreneur I have decided to invest in the following ideas: an invisible fence around the bathroom, GPS for my phone, a Mischief Sniffer that will enable me to know when their kids begin to cause trouble, and a mommy reminder to not forget early outs at school. Overall, I am thankful for two things my family and Tivo for without both I might just have more sense of reality.

Well hopefully 2011 will be just as perfect as 2010. May your days be filled with the ability to watch cartoons on Saturday morning and dance around the house to the Spice Girls.


I so get the boy thing...I try really hard not to look at them and scream, "what is wrong with you...that is NOT funny"...but, at least I did get one girl:) I didn't know you moved! Where too? Send me a message on FB!

Merry Christmas!
Lytles said…
Sounds like you've had a pretty great year! I love all the pictures from the year! Merry Chrismas and a Happy New Year!
you have cute kids, i was just reading your profile and i love dressing up my kid too

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