Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sometimes You Just Need To Bust a Move

This here's a jam for all the fellas
Tryin to do what those ladies tell us
Get shot down cause ya over-zealous
Play hard to get females get jealous
Okay smarty go to a party
Girls are scantily clad and showin body
A chich walks by you wish you could sex her
But you're standing on the wall like you was Poindexter
Next days function high class luncheon
Food they're serving, you're stone-cold munchin
Music comes on people start to dance
But then you ate so much you nearly split your pants
A girl starts walking guys start gawking
Sits down next to you and starts talking
Says she wants to dance cause she likes to groove
So come on fatso and just bust a move


Kirsten said...

Love that song- and now I can relate it to "Glee"!
BTW, I am a follower of yours and a regular reader!

I Am Not Superwoman said...

That totally takes me back!

Renee Massauro said...

Break it down....

Love it, definitely want to get up and bust a move.

Sleppery said...

New follower from the blog hop. Please check out my blog and follow back :)