Thursday, April 16, 2009

Should I be upset?

This could go two ways, to be upset or not to be upset, that is the question. I have learned after 7 years of parenting, that I just don't care when my kids color on themselves, even in permant marker. How can you be upset about artistic expression? I did google "how to get permanant marker off skin" and had 168,000 results. I liked this responds the best

I frequently use Sharpies on my skin to test out whether or not I'd like a tattoo there or not, and just to have fun creating temporary ones.I've gotta say, out of the 12 years of doing this, the dish detergent thing has worked best for me. Soap and water fades it, or course, but once faded it's even more annoying to have there because it can take days of scrubbing to get those last little marks away. I started using dish detergent a few years back, and bam! Gone with minimal scrubbing.

So I tried the minimal scrubbing with dish detergent, which didn't work, but have to say I am more worried about what Tyler is going to say (he thinks I am not very good at watching the kids while he is at work ;)

*** Tyler just walked in and saw her and said "You let her do that" Yeah, that is it

**** She got up the next morning and had slept on her hand, her face is red now too like something from Charlie and the Chocolate factory, YIKES!


Keeping Up With the Joneses said...

Shame on you for "letting" her do that to herself. ;)

The Lytles said...

Yikes is all I can say! Good luck!