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Freaking Lego Genius

I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I am the Freaking BIGGEST Lego Genius of all Time. Yes, I am. Chalk it up there with all my other creative identities and I might just be the Worlds Greatest Mom, as well. Let me give you a bit of a background, I do a bit of freelance writing and am writing a book for a sales floor on how to teach kids to budget their money. As this is one of my biggest downfalls in my life, I have to write and implement the program at the same time... best to learn through trial and error if I do say so myself.

So the first order of business is allowance and teaching my son how to save his money. He is a spender, much like his mom and dad and aunties and uncles and grandparents... the list is long, but I am set on breaking that chain of command. A wonderful friend taught me that in order for kids to save money they have to have a goal... a realistic goal that will require savings and patients. Here is my plan. When my kids reach $100 I will double it to $200. When they then reach $500 I will add another $100. When they make it to 1000 I will add another hundred...My friend double it at $100, $500, and $1000, but my husband is a cop and I am a mommy blogging teacher so that would kill our budget and place us in financial ruin.

Ben worked during the Christmas Break and made $60... THEN we do the allowance of $1 per age a week and since December he is up to $75... $25 to go. His friends are all into the Lego Ninjagos... and if you know Lego's they like to capitalize on making there old products new with a new name so kids will spend money on something they already have at home... His Christmas consisted of the Mega-blocks (not to be confused with the Lego Brand) of Halo and so now that the new trend has shifted to Ninjagos... he wants to spend all his money in one shot, without saving anything, on getting these guys.

Being the now savvy shopper that I am (Did I mention my husband cut off all fund for the month of February??) I told him... Ben, you already have all the legos that are in these boxes... we just need to make the characters. So I grabbed the two cans of spray paint that I have -- red and black -- see Tyler IT IS important to keep cans of spray paint at all times -- and started to put together my own version of these Damn Ninjagos. Ladies and Gents... While my hands are now red and black for the next week I present the Cluff version of Ninjagos... Hold the applause until the end of the show, please...

Here are the ACTUAL Lego Versions of theRed Ninjagos..And here is mine... I am going to have to get a black permanent marker though to make the markings of the ninja.

And here are the Blue and Black Ninjagos... Since I have a coupon at Smith's Market Place I think I am going to run and get some Blue Spray Paint later today.
And here is my version of the black one. Sorry cheap camera makes it hard to focus... But I just sprayed painted the entire thing black...

Come on, click the link below now...

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Ashley said…
Found you on Social Parade on Friday! You can follow back if you'd like

Great idea on the spray paint!
Thanks for the follow! What a cute, cute family ;-) I am now following you back. Have a FABULOUS Friday & Weekend!
So clever! I'm all about saving money! I'm a new follower from the Social Parade blog hop!
Anonymous said…
You crack me up! My daughter is sick with strep, has a 104 temp (she's my high fever girl) so that was greatly needed :)
lighttraveler said…
Thanks for following!
I am your newest follower.
Quick Tattletails
Keli said…
You're a genuis! What did Ben think of them? I'm following you back now. Thanks for linking up to Friendly Wednesday!
Terra H. said…
Ha, love the original creativity of the idea! Sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.
Michelle said…
LOL!!! I have a LEGO freak here too. He just got his first Ninjago set w/a Gift Card from xmas. He'll be 7 in April. Have no idea how old your son is. I was planning on doing a LEGO post to post while I'm gone on vacation!! I started writing it 2 months ago and still haven't posted it. You're so funny spray-painting it. How did it go over with your son?

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