Friday, May 1, 2009

Seminar for Men

Once again, the all female staff will be offering courses to men of all marital status.

Course # and Topic
1. Combating Stupidity
2. You too Can help with Homework
3. PMS- Learn When to Keep Your Mouth Shut
4. How to fill the ice tray
5. Wonderful Laundry Techniques (formally known as Check clothes for Diapers before you load)
6. Parenting- It doesn't Stop with Conception
7. Get a Life- Learn to Cook
8. How not to Act Like a Jerk when you are Wrong
9. Reasons to Give Flowers
10. Garbage- Getting it to the Curb
11. "The Weekend" and "Sports" are not Synonymous
12. The Remote Control- Overcoming Your Dependency
13. Real Men Ask for Directions
14. Fluffing the Blankets After Farting is NEVER Necessary
15. How to Put the Toilet Seat Down

1 comment:

AMiller said...

All men need these courses - thanks for the laugh.