Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April Fools Day

It's April Fools Day tomorrow and I have to confuss I am not much of a prankster (I would like to remind readers about what my brother did to my son's hair and how I was unable to think of retaliations). So I thought, what the heck, I might suck at this, but maybe, just maybe, I can pull it off this year. So here are a list of things I might plan on doing to my kids and husband tomorrow...

1. I could always do the "call your husband and tell him your pregnant" bit, but I have gained weight so I don't feel comfortable going that route.

2. I am going to fill Ben's shoes with Lego's', then when he steps in them will step on the Lego's (of course, then I will have to deal with his crying, so maybe not)

3. The classic Oreo's with toothpaste (Tyler LOVES Oreos, but he is alot better than me at pranks and he doesn't reserve it for 1 day, so I would be SOL for the rest of the year!)

4. I am going to email everyone I know and tell them that my birthday is actually April 1st and they need to send me money and presents (but if you are reading this and I sent you an email, just ignore this post, please).

5. Take a wet towel and get the toilet seat wet so that when someone sat on it they would think that they sat in potty (YET, I am, once again, potty training Emma, so it might not be a joke and the potty very well might be real.)

6. HA! Turn off the hot water so when somebody take a shower it will be cold (BUT considering I am the only one that might shower tomorrow, I don't' find that one to be very funny!)

7. Put scotch tape on the spout on the kitchen sink so when it is turn on the water will spray all over them (Funny for everyone, unless it is Audrey, who has a hair fetish and will FREAK OUT if her hair gets wet. So I would have to be very cautious with this one.)

8. I could text Tyler from an anonymous phone, during a business meeting, and entered the phone number from "Flirt: Gentleman's Club". Since he won't recognize the number, he will think it might be important, and excused himself from the meeting to return the call (This is my best plan, but Tyler doesn't have a cell phone, caller ID, and he works at a Cookie Store, never seem to have "business meetings")

Whatever, I suck at April's Fools day. I would say it is not in my blood, but my sisters and my mother are really good at this art. So, tomorrow will be a day of potty training Emma, girls lunch with the friends, and cleaning the house. Nothing spectacular, but hey, maybe I am just tricking you (if you know me well, you will believe me with the potty training comment ;)

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