Sunday, March 22, 2009


Motherhood is busy and the only sane aspect of my life is multi-tasking EVERYTHING. For me, this is a matter of survival. Stay-at-home mom eating bon bons and watching soaps all day? No, that does not work for me; way, way too tame, not enough adrenaline in that job profile. For me, I am more sane when I am doing a million things at once.

I would like to share some of top favorites:

1. Finishing my Master's Thesis while delivering Audrey

2. Going to the bathroom while fixing the bathroom rug

3. Talking on the phone, nursing Emma, and pouring a cup of milk for Ben

4. Singing nighttime lullabies to Emma while reading Twilight.

5. On the phone, snack distributing, CD changing, argument quelling, sign-eyeballing while driving to grandma's.

6. Why just clean the house when you can organize it at the same time?

7. I seem to take a shower and clean the shower at the same time.

8. Right now I am blogging and making a quesadilla for the kids. Of course, I do burn everything, but then I can add that on my list of things I did at once ;)

My Mantra:
When the going get toughs, the tough does the laundry
while cooking dinner, finishing homework and paying the bills.

We moms are famous for our ability to get six things accomplished simultaneously, all while creating world peace (or at least a temporary truce among fighting siblings). It's like the super powers go hand in hand with stretch marks. I was talking to Jenna and she was telling Gabe that the most amazing superhero is Superman because he can do everything, well... when I wake up in the morning this is what I see in the mirror... Totally Hot ;)

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