Monday, March 9, 2009

Our Snowman

I did it. I made a snowman. Many of you might remember the snowman incident of 2007 when I tried to make a snowman out of snow that wasn't snowman worthy. It looked like a melted snowman and I posted pictures, but don't worry, this year was great snow rolling snow and I was able to make a snowman with Audrey and Emma. Audrey has been wanting to make a snowman for the past snow season and I finally just gave in and did it.... here you go:

Emma decided she didn't like the snow in her shoes, so she took them off and then decided she didn't like her feet cold, so she put them back on... it was an ongoing off going process....
Audrey is SO proud of me for making a snowman, and look how TALL it is!! See in the background how I ROLLED the snowball. I have SO much more respect for Calvin and Hobbes now!

And there he is, until Ben came home from school and kicked him down.

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AMiller said...

I am very impressed! I don't remember the last time I made a snow man.