Sunday, March 22, 2009

DONT ASK, It's Not Contagious, It's Just a Rash

Is that fifth disease? Roseola? Impetigo? Chicken Pox? Hives? Hands, Foot, Mouth? No, ladies and gentleman, it's just a viral rash. Audrey came home from gymnastics covered, in what I thought, hives. After two days of doctors visits, hours on the internet and tons of suggestions (can I just add that EVERYONE has their take on what this was), it's just a rash, an unexplainable rash. So she wore a sign that said "Don't Ask. It's Not Contagious, It's Just a Rash". My favorite had to be Jenna and Erika who said she looked like Strawberry Shortcake, thanks for humoring my daughter!

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